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Orchestra "Tango en Vivo"

The team of «Tango En Vivo» - is a talented team of musicians, created by bandoneonist Ivan Talanin.
Our musicians are unique and charismatic! We will be glad to see you among our fans, we are playing our music for you!
At the end of 2015 Ivan creates his own tango collective "Tango En Vivo"! The orchestra managed to brilliantly prove itself to a favorite audience, release its first album and conquer the tango homeland- Sunny Argentina! The author's arrangements and virtuoso playing of the musicians made and make their performances unforgettable!

During the year the orchestra has been successful to the public, he released his debut album "El Classico" and conquered Argentina! Author's arrangements and virtuoso musicianship make their performances unforgettable! A trip to Buenos Aires at the biggest and most famous international tango festival "Tango BA Festival y Mundial" dropped in August 2016.
In Argentina, the album was sold with incredible speed, the orchestra applauded the audience at the most famous milongas like "La Viruta", "La Baldosa", "Salon Canning", the team participated live in the oldest tango-radio "La2x4" and won the TV show "Morfi" on the popular canal South America "Telefe". The live broadcast of the first episode involving "Tango en Vivo" has gathered an incredible amount of feedback, comments, and views! The orchestra began to learn on the streets of Buenos Aires. The Quartet was invited to the TV program for the second time. It was followed by the third, where the team played the winners of the festival.

Ivan Talanin was born in Novosibirsk

The day of his birth 24 January 1987.
At 7 years old started training at musical school on Bayan. While studying in music school has participated in different musical competitions, both the city and national scale. After graduating from the Novosibirsk special music school in 2005, Ivan goes to RAM them. College, getting into the class
of the composer, people's artist of Russia, Chevalier of the order of Friendship of V. A. Semenov.
In 2008, Ivan begins to learn an instrument like the Bandoneon. The bandoneon is a wind reed musical instrument, a kind of harmonics. German instrument with the Argentine destiny, named after its inventor Heinrich Band.
In 2009, while still a student, Ivan begins to play a tango orchestra Soledad.
In 2010 Ivan finishes the Academy , having to accumulate vast geography of their performances: Russia (from Moscow to Kemerovo), Europe (France, Germany, Bulgaria, Spain), USA, Cuba, Turkey etc. Also, Ivan manages to work with such conductors as Vladimir Spivakov and Gintaras Rinkevicius.
He performed as a soloist with the symphonic orchestra p/at Pavel Kogana.
Also in 2010, the orchestra Soledad ceases to exist and creates a new band. For 5 years, playing in a Quartet, the geography of performances and famous concert halls increased, joined by countries such as South Korea, Australia, Singapore, Argentina, Italy, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, etc.

At the end of 2015, Ivan creates his own tango group "Tango En Vivo"! Less than a year, the orchestra succeeded brilliantly proved itself a favorite of the public, releasing the first album and conquer the birthplace of the tango - Sunny Argentina! Author's arrangements and virtuoso musicianship made and make their performances memorable!
Ivan Talanin — winner of many prestigious international competitions. The winner of II international contest "Goldentrophy" (I prize, Washington DC, USA, 2008), XV international competition for Bayan and accordion "Arrasate Hiria" (III prima, Arrasate Spain, 2007) and others.


Anton Semke was born in Barnaul

Anton was born January 4, 1991. First picked up a violin at age 4 and at age 6 won first place at city competition of violinists.
Anton graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory. P. I. Tchaikovsky in the class of honored artist of Russia Professor S. I. Kravchenko at the violin before she studied at the Central Music School (College) at the Moscow State Conservatory. Took master classes of violin playing from outstanding teachers: people's artist of Russia Vladimir Spivakov and Zakhar Bron.
Anton has given recitals in the Philharmonic orchestra of his native city of Barnaul, which were a great success! Now he is also invited to perform as a soloist and in chamber ensembles in Russia and abroad.
Anton numerous awards, we offer you to see some of them:
- Laureate of international competitions of violinists in Italy, Austria, Greece, Lithuania, Russia;
- Winner of the prize for support of talented youth, established by the decree of the President of the
Russian Federation of April 6, 2006 №325 "About measures of state support of talented youth";
- Laureate of the interregional Public prize and winner of the Golden sign "Property of Siberia" in the nomination "Hope of Siberia";
- Fellow and member of the charitable programs of the International Fund of Vladimir Spivakov;

- Personal scholarship of the Committee on culture of Barnaul in Altai region;
- Winner of international violin competition, the participant of the master classes and the winner of the recommendations of the Professor of the higher school of music in Cologne higher school of music in Zurich, the Royal high school of music Queen Sofia in Madrid.

Dmitriy Kiselev was born in Yakutia

He was born on 12 November 1989 in the village of Teplyy Klyuch. He began to study music in Petrozavodsk, the associate Professor of Petrozavodsk state Conservatory Lomako Lyubov Ivanovna.
In 2005 he enrolled in the CMS to Nina Nikolaevna Makarova, then studied for a specialist and graduated from the RAM in them. Music from Levitina Tatyana Pavlovna.
- Laureate of the International festival of Music.Youth.Hope;
- Winner of the International festival "Bach-music Universe"
- Winner of the third degree of the Third Republican competition in Petrozavodsk;
- Winner of 3 international TV competition "Nutcracker" (Nutcracker silver);
- First prize winner of the international competition "the 21st Century Art" (Kiev);
- The winner of the first prize at the international competition "Musica Classica";
- The winner of the second all-Russian competition "New Names" (Moscow - Khanty-Mansiysk);
- First place and special prize at the international piano competition. Filch (Romania).
- Second place at the international competition "Chopin Rome", etc.


Gleb Izotov was born in Tver

Gleb is the youngest member of the orchestra! He was born in 1995. I started with 6 years at the music school number 1 in cello. Later switched to bass. Now is the student of the Gnessin state Academy of music. The winner of various national and international competitions. Takes part in various musical

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